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We are a member-owned water distribution company serving the eastern Monroe County and western Brown County region for over 40 years. As a non-profit organization, our volunteer Board of Directors meets regularly to insure that we provide high quality water to the membership at the lowest cost possible.

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Service Alerts and Advisories for 11/18/2018
The City of Bloomington experienced a water main break which has been repaired as of November 9, 2018.  If you are experiencing low water pressure, they are asking that you conserve as much water as possible so the process of filling up the tanks and lines can be done quickly.  No boil orders have been issued at this time.

OUR WEB SITE is intended only as an additional resource for our members, so please don't hesitate to call us or stop by!!

East Monroe Water Corporation
3428 S. Knightridge Rd.
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(812)-335-8499 | FAX 335-8504
Office hours: 9 to 3 M-F

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With your email on file, EMWC can provide you several new services that will also lower costs and improve efficiency. If you opt for E-Billing, we can eliminate the printing and mailing of your monthly water bill. You may also elect to have annual newsletters and other notices sent to your email address. More importantly, you will automatically be sent an email message in the event of a service disruption, advisory, or boil order. For some, this is a better/faster choice than relying on radio or newspaper postings. To get started, go to our On-line Registration or give us a call.