About Us

Our employees have combined experience of nearly 60 years of service to East Monroe Water. They are dedicated to providing the membership with the best service possible while following the guidance and support of the board of directors. To protect our members from fraud, our field employees make service calls in clearly marked vehicles and wear company uniforms. Our office staff will do their best to answer your questions and process your requests.


  • Bob Ault - Superintendent
  • Nick Moser
  • Jacob Axsom


  • Karen Smith
  • Mary Teague

EMWC is committed to operating in a safe manner at all times. Our personnel are provided with all necessary personal protective gear, and with instructions in its use. In addition, monthly safety meetings are held to discuss safety issues, and remedies for them. Please drive carefully when encountering any utility work near the roadside.

Our board of directors meets regularly throughout the year in order to stay current and well informed on the various operations and financial activities of EMWC. Directors are volunteers that serve 3-year terms (the Treasurer is compensated for financial and management services). New board candidates are elected by the overall membership at the annual meeting in May. Officers are elected by the board each year. Anyone who has been a member of EMWC for more than 2 years may request to be nominated to the board of directors. All nominations for directors shall be made by filing a form specifying name, address, occupation, qualifications and reason for application at the EMWC office sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting.

  vacant 05/2020
Hwy 46 (North Branches) Ingrid Beery 05/2018
Inverness/Knightridge Sadie Little 05/2020
Lampkins Margaret Clements 05/2019
Highway 446 Damon Cappy (President) 05/2018
Highway 446 Joan Hall 05/2020
Snoddy/Moores Creek Jerry Myerson 05/2019
  vacant 05/2018
Smith Roger Stewart (Treasurer) 05/2019


East Monroe Water Corporation got its start in the mid-1960's. Rural residents living east of Bloomington formed the non-profit corporation so that potable water could be purchased from the City of Bloomington and distributed to farms and neighborhoods in the area. Prior to then, residents got their water from springs, wells, ponds and cisterns. After incorporating in 1965, the roughly 250 members obtained a special FHA loan to pay for the installation of water mains and associated connections. Construction began in 1967 and by the summer of 1969, there were approximately 326 homes connected to the new distribution system. Throughout the 1970's and 1980's, new sub-divisions were built and line extensions added so that by 1990, there were about 1000 members.

Today we have nearly 1350 members. Our service area covers 24 square miles (15,500 acres) and our water mains total about 80 miles in length. Our field employees work to keep the system functioning at an optimum level by flushing nearly 150 hydrants each year and by exercising the 245 control valves on a 2-3 year cycle. Although the City of Bloomington is responsible for treating the water we consume, our employees are continuously monitoring the water quality throughout our service area. To protect our in-ground equipment from damage to excavation projects by home owners and other utilities, we process an average of 500 line-locate requests each year. As we continue to grow and upgrade the system, we will do so in a manner that ensures a safe and reliable drinking water source for now and future use.


Select the following link to read an article published in the Oct./Nov. 2015 newsletter of the Monroe County History Center entitled "Water, Water Everywhere and All It Does Is Sink", by Dr. Robert Dodd.