GO GREEN - Email Registration

By registering your email address, EMWC can provide you several new services that will also lower costs and improve efficiency. If you opt for E-Billing, we can eliminate the printing and mailing of your monthly water bill. You may also elect to have annual newsletters and other notices sent to your email address. More importantly, registered members will automatically be sent an email message in the event of a service disruption or issuance of a boil order. An email will also be sent to members whenever the monthly meter report indicates a possible leak in their plumbing system (see note below). EMWC will keep all of your information confidential.

To register your email, use the form below or simply call us (335-8499) or send the information in with your next payment. Please register for automatic bill payment (ACH) separately by going to Payment Options.

(located on your bill)

Please verify your email to ensure proper delivery.

In addition to receiving alerts about service disruptions, boil orders, and possible leaks on my side of the meter, I wish to have the following delivered to me by email:

Note regarding Member Leak Detection:

EMWC utilizes an automated meter reading system which records the precise amount of water that has passed through a member's meter since the prior month's reading. Additionally, a special notification is generated whenever a member's meter has recorded at least one gallon of use per hour for each hour in the 24-hour period prior to the reading. It is unusual for a family to use water in this manner, and typically means that a toilet is running, or a garden hose is left on all night, etc. We can pass this information on to our members automatically by email if they are registered. For members who have not registered their email, we will attempt to notify them by phone if a leak indicator is generated and the amount of water used was excessive or unusual.