Rules and By-Laws

EMWC strives to provide its membership safe and reliable drinking water at all times. We are governed by our own set of by-laws as well as by rules set forth in government regulations. Community water systems like ours must follow strict rules established by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some of these rules also require that end-users follow safe procedures to prevent possible contamination of the water system. As a condition of membership, it is important that you read and understand the Rules and Regulations.


Three topics from the Rules and Regulations of particular importance to our members are further clarified below.

EMWC Backflow Test Form (pdf)

Monroe and Brown County Licensed Testers (as of 2015) (pdf)

Table 1: Backflow Prevention Devices


Typical Applications

Air Gap Drain

Faucets and sinks, process waters

Double Check Valve

In-house pumps, elevated tanks, non-toxic boilers

Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly

Industrial plants, hospitals, morgues, chemical plants, irrigation systems, pumps, elevated tanks, boilers, fire sprinkler systems

Pressure Vacuum Breakers

Industrial plants, cooling towers, laboratories, laundries, swimming pools, lawn sprinkler systems, fire sprinkler systems


Under normal circumstances, anyone consuming water from East Monroe Water Corporation must first obtain a membership and then may only "tap" the water distribution system by means of a company installed/owned billing meter. Official fire fighting departments are permitted to access our fire/flush hydrants in emergency situations only. We will also permit construction companies and other persons to temporarily obtain water from our fire/flush hydrants after receiving permission and by using an EMWC metering device.

Water theft can be a very serious problem. Not only does it cost you, our members, higher rates to pay for the theft, but is also a potential source of contamination. Illegal water taps and unauthorized hydrant use may result in bacterial contamination of the water distribution system, which could result in illness and loss of service to our members. Please be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior involving our equipment and notify our office immediately. Of particular concern is the practice of unscrupulous water sales companies that fill their tank trucks from our hydrants. We know that it happens, but it is very difficult to identify and prosecute the perpetrators.


EMWC BY-LAWS - By-Laws (pdf)
Our by-laws describe the incorporation of East Monroe Water Corporation and the various rules by which we operate. It also covers the election and duties of directors and officers and the benefits and duties of members. Please take a few minutes to review this document and contact us if you have any questions.

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